Extruded XLPE Insulated Power Cable Single Core Rated Voltage 127kV - 220kV

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: CHINT
Certification: KEMA/CE/SGS
Model Number: YJLW03
Minimum Order Quantity: Negotiable
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: iron with wooden or wood or iron
Supply Ability: 1000KM/Month
Application: Power Transmission Marking: Printing Or Embossing
Core: Single Core Outer Sheath: PVC Or PE
Conductor: Compacted Round Or Segmental Conductor Metal Screen Or Sheath: Corrugated Aluminum Sheath Or Lead
High Light:

xlpe insulated power cable


xlpe insulated pvc sheathed cable

Power cables with extruded XLPE insulation for rated voltages from 127kV to 220kV





International: IEC 60840 IEC 62067

China: GB∕T 11017, GB∕T 18890

Other standards such as BS,VDE and ICEA upon request


Ordering Advice

Rated Voltage

Application Standard: IEC/BS/UL/GB

Number of Cores

Conductor Size & Construction

Type of Insulation

Armored or unarmored. If armor, the armor type & material

The Requirement of Sheath

Length of Cable & Packing Requirement

Other Requirement



CE, SGS, KEMA and more others at request


Technical data

Maximum Conductor Temperature: under normal (90 ℃), emergency (130℃) or short circuit no more than 5 s (250℃) conditions.

Min. Ambient Temp.: The cable shall be pre heated if the ambient temperature is below 0℃

Min. Bending Radius: 20(d+D)±5%


1. Conductor:

1.1 Compact round conductors, composed of several layers of concentric spiral-wound wires.

1.2 Segmental conductors, conductors are composed of several segment-shaped conductors assembled together to form a cylindrical core.

2. Semi-conductor screen on conductor:

To prevent electric field concentration, there is an interface of ultra-smooth semi-conductor XLPE between the conductor and the insulation.

3. XLPE Insulation:

The insulation insulates the conductor when working at high voltage from the screen working at earthing potential. The insulation must be able to withstand the electric field under rated and transient operating conditions.

4. Semi-conductor screen on insulation:

This layer has the same function as the conductor screen: Progressive transition from an insulating medium, where the electric field is non- null, to a conductive medium (here the metal cable screen) in which the electric field is null.

5. Metallic screen:

Wrinkled aluminum screen welded longitudinally

Core: single

6. Sheath:

PVC(IEC60502 ST2) PE(IEC60502 ST7)

7. Core identification:


8. Cable marking:

embossing or printing

9. Standard:

IEC 60840 IEC 62067 GB/T 11017 GB/T 18890

10. Application:

Used in the transmission lines between two units of an electricity distribution grid,a generator unit and a distribution unit or inside a station or sub-station.

11. Laying:

Air or directly buried


Item Function Composition

• to carry current

- under normal operating conditions

- under overload operating conditions

- under short-circuit operating conditions

• to withstand pulling stresses during cable laying

S≤800mm2 Compact round stranded cable with copper or aluminum wires

S>800mm2 Segmental conductors

Internal semi-conductor

• To prevent concentration of electric field at the interface between the insulation and the internal semi-conductor

• To ensure close contact with the insulation.

To smooth the electric field at the conductor

XLPE semi-conducting shield

• To withstand the various voltage field stresses during the cable service life:

- rated voltage

- lightning overvoltage

- switching overvoltage

XLPE insulation

The internal and external semi-conducting layers and the insulation are co-extruded within the same head.

External semi-conductor To ensure close contact between the insulation and the screen. To prevent concentration of electric field at the interface between the insulation and the external semi-conductor. XLPE semi-conducting shield
Metallic screen

To provide:

• An electric screen (no electric field outside the cable)

• Radial waterproofing (to avoid contact between the insulation and water)

• An active conductor for the capacitive and zero-sequence short-circuit current

• A contribution to mechanical protection

Wrinkled aluminum screen welded longitudinally


Outer protective sheath

• To insulate the metallic screen from the surrounding medium

• To protect the metallic screen from corrosion

• To contribute to mechanical protection

• To reduce the contribution of cables to fire propagation.

Insulating sheath

• Possibility of semi-conducting layer for dieletric tests

• Polyethylene jacket

• PVC jacket


Technical Specifications


127/220kV Copper Conductor


Nom. Cross-section of conductor


Conductor diameter




Max. D.C Resistance of Conductor (20 ℃)


Electrostatic capacitance


Wrinkled aluminum screen

App Weight


Current Rating





In air (A) In soil(A)
1×400 23.6 27.0 0.0470 0.118 2.4 116.2 14.1 823 667
1×500 26.6 27.0 0.0366 0.126 2.4 119.2 15.5 948 760
1×630 30.0 26.0 0.0283 0.138 2.4 121.6 16.8 1096 868
1×800 .4.4 25.0 0.0221 0.154 2.4 124.0 18.8 1259 982
1×1000 39.5 24.0 0.0176 0.176 2.6 129.6 21.0 1506 1157
1×1200 43.0 24.0 0.0151 0.185 2.6 133.1 23.3 1650 1255
1×1400 46.5 24.0 0.129 0.195 2.6 136.6 25.6 1806 1362
1×1600 50.0 24.0 0.113 0.205 2.6 140.1 27.9 1949 1456
1×2000 55.5 24.0 0.0090 0.220 2.8 147.0 32.6 2199 1624
1×2500 61.0 24.0 0.0073 0.238 2.8 153.5 37.9 2453 1785



We are capable of meeting the strictest delivery schedules according to per purchase order. Meeting the deadline is always the top priority as any delay in the delivery of cable can contribute to overall project delay and cost overrun.

Cable is supplied in wooden reels, corrugated boxes and coils. Cable ends are sealed with BOPP self-adhesive tape and non-hygroscopic sealing caps to protect the cable ends from moisture. The required marking shall be printed with a weather-proof material on the outsides of drum according to customer's requirement.

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